The Farm

poderePodere delle Fanciulle is located in Pistoia, a city of art and culture in the heart of Tuscany, in the locality of “Red Wood”.
“Red Wood” is a curious name, related to Niccolò Puccini, a Pistoia nobleman, humanist of the nineteenth century, whose dream was to educate the lower class to art.
Puccini believed in the educational power of architecture and sculpture. For this reason, he decided to build a villa and a park where the story was a pretext for culture.
The statue of Linnaeus, the Swedish physician and naturalist, author of the modern scientific classification of living organisms, welcomes those who take the route of Burgianico. The clay statue, at sunset, because of the sun, turns red.
Up toward the mountain, the “Tower of Catiline” stands proud. It is a perpetual memory of the Roman commander, Catiline

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Podere delle Fanciulle

Before being abandoned, with the death of Niccolò Puccini, into total decay by the heirs, the farm gave hospitality to illustrious families of Pistoia and Florence, as Dal Gallo first and Puccini, then.
Today, the ownership of this little jewel of Tuscan rural culture belongs to Marco and Alessandra Mitresi and their daughter Matilde.
With their economic and physical forces, Marco and Alessandra, have returned to Pistoia and to the tourists an exclusive place to its former glory.
Experience the countryside close to the city, seeing mark the seasons with the rhythms of ancient times, is a lifestyle choice for the Mitresi family, a bet with nature.    
Marco leads the organic farm and, in his spare time, he takes care of sports: tennis and mountain bike. He directed and often done in first person, the heavy work of recovery of the walls and the fallow fields.
Alessandra, graduated in architecture, has renovated the complex, taking care not only of the exterior but also the design of the various "little houses", as he likes to define the buildings.
Together with his young daughter Matilda, a student, Alessandra coordinates the reception of Podere delle Fanciulle.
The recovery was complex, because it is a small village, consisting of four “roof land” abandoned for many years.
The spaces of the old farmhouse have been adapted to modern living requirements and with any technology.
All in full compliance with landscape constraints, the place and its inherent characteristics.
Alessandra and Marco have reassembled the design, a very painstaking job. They also have preserved, where possible, brick, wood and stone.
The atmosphere that has come to life is warm and relaxed, alive with memories and animated objects.
The country has experienced major surgery. The ancient trees are the symbol of the past as the oaks and the redwoods, typical of this area that Niccolò Puccini planted in memory of his many trips around the world.