The little houses


"I call the apartments “Le casette”, for a sense of belonging. I imagine the apartments when they were part of an old and abandoned ruins. They have the names of girls, and like every girl, each has its own style, each tells a story that is lost in time. I did not want to give up comfort and technology that any tourist would expect, but I have set a goal to enjoy my every guest the land that keeps: the land of Tuscany. So, Podere delle Fanciulle is the “origin for each trip in this wonderful region".                                                                                                                         

The construction of rural origin, similar to a small village, is articulated in an old manor house with a barn and four land roof, divided into five houses, "the houses".
The renovation has been done within the constraints of landscape, place and its characteristics, giving to the observer a feeling of living. The materials are recycled, such as tables of old tanks, the terracotta tiles, wooden beams and stone face view, in keeping with local style.
If the exterior refer to the past, the interior is modern, warm and welcoming. The handmade objects (mirrors, tables), paintings and statues of young girls recall the earlier target of use. The favorite materials are natural, the wood brushed ages makes visible the essence, lime paints, brick sanded and waxed.
Each house has its own colors, from the warm tones of wood to the red brick; from the gray of the “serena” stone to the black of slate stone; from the vibrations of the solar light yellow to the white surfaces, where time and light swell.